Bathroom Suite Buying Guide

The interior decor styles come and go with increasing speed. The fashions change eleven innovative room models and are hopelessly overtaken within a few years.

But a bathroom is a pretty big investment: the time you have spent researching your options, planning your layout, and finding a contractor to install the faucets is the time you never get back. It’s not something you want to change every year.

So how do you reconcile style and longevity?

Think of your bathroom as part of your bathroom (badekar) design – it’s important, but it’s not all and ends with your entire bathroom decoration. If your suite is simple, you can upgrade your accessories and d├ęcor every time you need a new look (at less cost and effort than a full refurbishment).

Choose devices that are simple and straightforward. Unnecessary details can look good in a pool when they are new, but it is the details that make an object fast. You can choose from a range of bathroom suites (varmtvannsbereder), even if you did not consider the overly decorated ornament: choose from curved curves and straight lines, different sizes and heights, and wall or floor sinks and toilets.

The three main types of pelvis are pedestal, half-platform and wall hanging.

A pedestal basin is hung on the wall, but the pedestal seems to rest on a porcelain pedestal that rises from the floor to support the weight of the pelvis. This pedestal is hollow and contains all sanitary installations for your pelvis that are conveniently out of sight.

There is no specific standard size for a pelvis because width, depth and height vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Just measure your space and choose a cymbal that fits in the gap, providing so much user access. If you prefer a luxurious look, you can consider a particularly wide pelvis (anything from 700 mm). Alternatively, you can opt for a double sink so that two people can use the room at once. (baderomsinnredning)